Music and Life go hand in hand
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Some history on myself

My next music venture was opening my own record store in the late 80's thru early 90's, MSM Records. I very much learned the dealings of private business and working with distributors from the US and Overseas. Marketing then was lots of print ad, mail drops and word of mouth. Although short lived as I had to take solid employment to care for my family, the experience was priceless.

From the 90's through today I've had some other side business going with some success.

Near 2013 fueled by the surging music scene I jumped back onstage with Philadelphia Power Metalisl 'INFERNAL OPERA' . We released a 2nd full length CD in 2015 titled 'Avenging Phoenix'. Setting us apart from other local bands was our mission, Using my experiences from marketing, stage performance and overall acquired business knowledge, myself and Michael Alberque (Drummer/Promoter) set out to create a complete visual and musical package. 

With all this, I have learned over the time span of 30 years, even with the changes to the music industry and technology. To be successful at your craft it starts with learning the BASICS .....Practice, Practice, Practice.

My interest began when my friend Dave Mather came over one day with his acoustic and a Gene Leis ‘how to play guitar’ lp..yep vinyl..It was summer (1977).. I was so taken by how good Dave was that I borrowed the record and guitar so I could learn..Before the year was out, and influence by Gene Simmons, I switched to Bass and we formed our first band, Silent Wisdom The heavier sounds of music began to infiltrate record stores and concert halls, and by 1980 I welcomed the sounds of Black Sabbath, Judas Priest, and Iron Maiden. 

I switched back to Guitar in early 1981 started my own band 'SYRENZ' which began the journey into songwriting.

 After relocating to Ohio (USA), I auditioned for the now Cult Underground Power-Speed Metal PURGATORY  joining their line-up in late 1984. We did one full length album ‘Tied to the  Trax’ (Auburn Records, USA and Steam Hammer, Europe). released in 1986.


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