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Make your gear last


Music gear and musicians are always in a love-hate relationship. No matter if its THE brand name or 'eye candy' you've seen and want so bad. When you own it own it, so here are tips to make them last. Guitars, Amps, Pedals must be cared for no matter how cool you think they look all road worn. You want them to last then at least take the basic steps to care for them.

There are a few main factors in the life of equipment..

1. Environment, mainly where your gear rests after practice or a gig.

2. Weather is a factor Always..Hot-Dry, Hot-Humid, Cold-Dry, Dusty and or Damp

3. Is your gear placed in cases when not in use ( I have seen and tried to play others gear left out and strings so far off neck I could slide a cell phone under them)

4. Clean your gear after each show/practice..even if just for a few minutes..hands/fingers/body oil/sweat are strings/pickups /sticks etc worse nightmare

5. Amp & Guitar switches, volume/tone knobs and input jacks all should be cleaned as they collect dust over time.

6. Test your gear before every gig or practice. Just because you've had your gear in a case for a week or month even they can gather dust and get scratch pots etc.

7. Guitar strings, drum heads all need a refresh, especially strings as they get loads of body oil and loose 'brightness' over time and break..yes, old dirty strings tend to get dry and then just when you go to play that note on've got a hanger..and it you are a Tremolo user..Well you'll know when it happens.

8. Be Prepared - Nothing puts a damper on a show /practice or studio session when you are NOT prepared for the oops. Back up guitar, strings, amps, cabs, drum heads, mics etc., Don't be that person.

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