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Passion to Play and Learn

Seasoned Pros, Instructors, Local bandmates and Beginners all start with some basic techniques. Sure over time as we progress in our learning knowledge, these basics may change some, but all styles of playing are from these rudiments of guitar.

The importance of the basics are to instill 'good habits' to battle the 'bad habits' as we progress over time. Think of it like this..if all you developed were 'bad habits', it will limit your capabilities and progess.

All players after some time kinda plateau and some will go back to the basics to freshen up their chops.

Another thing is to take some chances and try something new. Just because you like a certain style and most times that's what gets most into learning guitar. Watch, learn and listen from all styles.

I had the best of both worlds when I was a sound assistant for many years. I got to see, hear and learn from some of the best 'unknown' musicians around from drummers, vocalist, sax, horn and harmonica players..yea , yea..bass players too ! There were many weekends I went home with a new respect for all styles of music.

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